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Convert Browntop Thatch to Humus 

Browntop produces a thick layer of thatch (dead leaves) that covers the top soil choking out more desirable pasture plants such as ryegrass and clovers. This thatch keeps the delicate Browntop seed dry, as it is susceptible to rotting, in the same way a thatched roof keeps out the rain. The thatch traps trash, restricts moisture and air circulation to the soil, and other native grass species take hold. 

Reduce Browntop thatch and improve pasture quality with either an autumn or spring application of ThatchBusta depending on your land use. 

Improve pasture - ThatchBusta with chemical topping: Aerial spray in spring once soil temperatures are 10oC and rising. The low rates of herbicide check the aggressive growth of the Browntop and disrupt the reproductive cycle of the plant, preventing the plant from seeding. ThatchBusta activates the microbes responsible for decomposition to convert the thatch into humus, promoting the ideal growing environment for ryegrass and clover. 

Land preparation for cropping: Reduce the time and cost required to work up a paddock choked with thatch. Ground spray ThatchBusta in autumn, six month prior to spring sowing. ThatchBusta activates the microbes responsible for decomposition to break down dead material and dense thatch over the winter months.