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How TripleX Works


BioStart TripleX® is the only ACVM registered, bio-fungicide for the prevention of sooty mould in kiwifruit. When insects like passionvine hopper (PVH) feed on the sap of the kiwifruit plant they deposit honeydew on to the fruit. Sooty mould appears when dark fungal mycelium grows on the honeydew. When sooty mould staining occurs the fruit is rejected causing grower losses.

The active ingredient in TripleX is the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Bs1b microbe. It works by aggressively colonizing the foliage, flowers and fruit to protect against the development of sooty mould-causing fungi.


TripleX inhibits sooty mould spore germination & mycelium growth:

Laboratory tests show: 

• TripleX reduced sooty mould-causing fungi spore germination by 92% 
• TripleX Bs1b microbe inhibited sooty mould mycelium growth 


Zone of inhibition for diluted TripleX after 5 days. The cleared zone is due to the activity of the bacteria B. amyloliquifaciens Bs1b the active ingredient in TripleX.


TripleX reduces sooty mould incidence in the orchard 

2016 Bay of Plenty Trial Results
TripleX was applied at 3 L/ha between January and March 2016; 
Hayward sites - 6 applications; Te Puke Gold -4 applications and; Opotiki Gold - 2 applications. 

TripleX reduced the incidence of sooty mould; 

  • in green (Hayward) and gold (G3) kiwifruit crops.
  • in Te Puke and Opotiki kiwifruit growing areas. 


Returns: The reduction in disease presents a significant financial benefit to the grower. To cover the cost of six 3 L/ha TripleX applications from January to March you only need a 4% point reduction of sooty mould incidence on Green or a 2% point reduction on Gold based on 10,000 trays at the forecast 2016/17 OGR of $4.20 for Green and $8.20 for Gold. Ask your sales representative to take you through the returns on using TripleX for your orchard. 


Use TripleX as a preventative: Apply at the first sign of adult passionvine hopper

Passionvine hopper is the main cause of sooty mould. TripleX should be applied at the first sign of adult PVH. 

Watch for:

  • PVH nymphs in nearby hedges in December prior to the adults emerging. 
  • Adult PVH from early January until population numbers decrease due to colder weather conditions at the end of March.


Available from leading horticultural & rural suppliers. 
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