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How it works: Note application is from mid February to mid April

Grass Grub larvae
What to expect
Kills 10 – 20% of larvae in 6 weeks, provides 3-5 years’ protection

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 NZ grass grub
Do I have NZ grass grub?
Photos & descriptions of larvae and beetles

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Grass Grub Paddock Treatment
Does my paddock need treatment?
Was it cultivated, pasture species and other questions.

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Directions for use:

Application RateApplicationApplication Rate
Apply 30 kg/ha as a subsurface application to pasture when grass grub larvae are actively feeding.Drill to a depth of 20 - 30mm below the soil surface. BioShield® granules can be applied separate to or in conjunction with seed.Apply to pasture when the late 2nd - mid 3rd instar grass grub larvae are actively feeding (February to mid-April). Do not apply later than mid-April as grass grub larvae have usually developed beyond the susceptible stages by this date.
Maximising activity of BioShield® Grass Grub 
  • Soil moisture content must be above 15-20% for drilling BioShield® Grass Grub into soil. 
  • Do not apply after April as the grass grub larvae will have usually developed beyond the susceptible stages by this date. 

 Post treatment management - Do not use; 

  • Alternative grass grub control practices such as heavy rolling or insecticide treatments after application as this will reduce the effectiveness of BioShield® Grass Grub. 
  • Cultivation following treatment as it is likely to reduce the effectiveness of BioShield® Grass Grub. 
  • Mob stocking of the treated paddock within the first six weeks after application of BioShield® Grass Grub to ensure the Serratia entomophila become established in the grass grub population, so setting up the long-term cycle of control. 
  • It is an offence to use this product on animals. 
  • BioShield® must not be applied directly onto or into water. 
  • Withholding period: Nil 
  • Compatibility: Call BioStart 0800 116 229 for a compatibility list. 

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