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Case Study

Biostart N and Mycorrcin Fodder Beat Trial

Southland 2015 - 2016

Increased Fodder Beet DM yield by 7.4%


Southern Technical Services conducted an independent trial in Riversdale, Southland using Biostart N, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and Mycorrcin, a soil microbial activator, on Fodder Beet. The trial showed that Biostart N and Mycorrcin increased DM yield in Brigadier Fodder Beet by 7.4%.

Trial Design

The trial was conducted by Southern Technical Services over the 2015/16 season at the same time as the Kale trial with the same trial design.

Refer to Kale trial here

Fodder Beet Yield Results

 The DM was determined on both the leaf and bulb then combined for Total DM

• Biostart N increased DM yield by 1.5 t/ha or 7.4%

• Based on 20 cents/kg DM this is an additional $296/ha for a cost of $76/ha

2016 Foddle Beet Trial Yield & $ ReturnsControlBiostart N + MycorrcinIncrease%
Bulb DM (kg/ha)14.415.91.429.9
Leaf DM (kg/ha)
Mean DM Yield (kg/ha)19.921.41.487.4%
Yield increase value @ 20 cent/kg DM$295.68
Input Cost
BioStart N$42.00
Note: Input costs for both trials are based on BioStart 2016 RRP excluding GST. Input cost exclude application costs.

Biostart N

Biostart N contains the active ingredient Azotobacter chroococcum, a nitrogen fixing bacteria which occurs naturally in our soils and converts atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available ammonium nitrogen in the soil for sustained plant growth. By applying Biostart N you can increase the number of nitrogen fixing bacteria in your soil. Biostart N is a biological product which works in sync with the plants growth periods and can be used to compliment conventional nitrogen fertiliser programs.


Mycorrcin stimulates the activity of soil microbes, both bacteria and fungi, that are essential for making nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and sulphur available to the plant. Biostart trials have consistently shown that adding Mycorrcin enhances the activity of Biostart N.

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